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Those Who Made a Difference 


The list of contributors to the Alpha Projects Mentorship Program (APMP) who made a signicant difference in the lives of so many of Work it UPs registered member volunteer professionals and local business clients they served is far too long to be captured in a single page.

The program's participants included, Alpha Projects affiliated consultants, working professionals from across Maine, sponsors and partners of Work it UP and many, many, many volunteer professionals who gave unstintingly of their time, skill and spririt to make the vision of Work it UP a reality for Maine.

Below are the names of some of those who continuously donated their time and expertise to make the Alpha Projects Mentorship Program and the Work it UP PMO possible. (Click a name for details)


                      Stephen Stofanak                                                               Todd Donatello

                      Denise Butler                                                                      Karen Andrews

                      Jim Dunn (PMP)                                                                  Michael Brokordt

                      Richard Davie  (PMP)                                                          Peter Barbera

                      Harold Sanchies  (PMP)                                                      Steve MacIsaac (PMP)

                      Natasha Stout                                                                    Bob Laliberte (PMP)

                         Cindy Edwards (Founder)                                                   Patricia Davis (Founder)

                      David Craig (Founder - PMP)                                             Stephen Buyze (Founder - PMP) 

                      Jim Milliken (PMP)                                                              Joe Gwozdz (PMP)